New Patient Information

"Dr.Kalb brings integrity, skill and a great deal of experience to his work. I always feel in very, very good hands."
Kay Lynne Sherman, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist

"Dr. Kalb has treated me for over ten years, keeping me flexible and pain-free. I value his deep listening, precise adjustments and wide range of skills and expertise."
Elizabeth Austin, R.N., CPCC
The Inside Out Life Design Coach

I refer my patients to Dr. Kalb because his calming manner makes it easy to relax and trust his care. My own stubborn hip pain was greatly improved after just one treatment."
Mary Lynn Fitton, M.S., FNP
Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Yoga Instructor

"Dr. Kalb's attentive treatment and holistic approach to wellness has served to balance my life greatly. He is always willing to take time to educate me and has supported me in working on my own health and well-being."
Rita Curtis
Executive Director, Coversations With God Foundation

"For well over a decade I have referred patients to Dr. Kalb and have seen him myself because of his experience, skill and expertise. I think our community is truly blessed to have him here to assist us."
Rod Newton, D.C.
Hidden Springs Wellness Center